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Event Management

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Smart branding bu focusing on what is needed in each outlet and placing the POSM in its appropriate location maximizing brand visibility. Dedicated teams are assigned to new clients. In order to maintain a strong presence in the market, continuous branding and maintenance need to take place.


Advertising Structures (manufacturing & selling)

Billboards (manufacturing & selling)

Boxes: Advertising, Illuminated light boxes (manufacturing & selling)


Roadshow advertising operates a fleet of revolutionary multi-media advertising vehicles whose whole sole purpose is to deliver your advertisig message and promote your business directly to those who matter most - ypur customers. Advertise directly to your customers where they work, eat, play, shop, and sped money! Just like your customers, we are always on the move.

BTL Services

Delivers actual information on shelf activity in a time sensitive manner. We report on SKU availability, price, promotions, competitor activity, and we deliver on-line real-time images of what is happening in key outlets across the region. The service is unique in that instant market information allows decision makers to respond immediately to changing market dynamics.

In-store Promotions

For a brand competing a crowded marked, catching the attention of consumers can be hit or miss affair. In-store promotion creates and develops fully integrated promotional programsfor consumers, retailers, and trade to ensure maximum market impact winning the battle for hearts and minds. Perhaps you want to support the launch of a ew product with tactical promotional activity to encourage consumers, trial of the brand. Or instead, you aim to advise a promotion to encourage retails yo stock-up on your product to heighten brand awareness in the store. You can be confident, we will deliver the results you want for your brand always followed up by full evaluation reports.

Mystery Shopping Programs

Trditionally used in retail enviroment, mystery shopping is more and more being adopted across sectors where customer service is a priority. Today, companies are also using mystery shopping on their competitors to gain vital information about their performance and current offers. A mystery shopper, posing as a customer, can objectively screen and report on the stndard of the service provided to the consumers.

Publishing & Printing

Printing: Large format


Sampling is an integral part in any brand plan. Not only does it seek to convert tries into buyer, but, it also encourages usage by existing consumers. We provide accurate feedback and recommendations to clients on how best to improve campaign effectiveness.